The Season of Gathering

Take your holiday gathering outdoors. Create that true dining room feel with the soft ambient lighting from a pendant. Pendants ar a great choice for enhancing your exterior environment while providing the proper illumination.

Dennis Iron Pendant 
Available in additional sizes & mounting applications

Chandeliers are the ultimate focal point in any dining room. For a sophisticated look, use beautiful crystal chandeliers that will capture and disperse light throughout the room. Looking for an extra "wow" factor? Hanging two chandeliers will not only provide a bold statement but will also provide optimal lighting for larger dining rooms. 

Dion's Chandelier 
Shown with Rock & Swarovski Crystals
Available in additional sizes & crystal dressings  

Take a unique approach to your dining room lighting. Our Vito's Small Iron Chandelier features intricate wood beads and tassels. The exposed candles provide a direct and bright yet warm illumination. 

Vito's Small Iron Chandelier 
Available in additional sizes & trimmings 

Dining with a view? Choose lighting that will complement the space like our Shady Canyon Pendant. The clear glass continues the open airy feel while the subtle scroll detail provides an interesting design detail.
Shady Canyon Pendant
Available in additional sizes 

By working with Lantern Masters, an experienced custom manufacturer, you can select the architecturally perfect fixture. Please call our talented team members to schedule a design consultation, at (818) 706-1990 or email for additional information.


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