Using classic lanterns in your exterior lighting

Sandy's 4 Small Pendant 

When looking for an age-old appeal, many often look to Lanterns for lighting. Starting with a signature lantern silhouette, our Sandy's Collection is versatile, endlessly customizable and made to work in and elevate the decor and architecture around them. From finish and glass, to decorative scrolls and arms, our Sandy's Collection lends itself to individuality and creativity. Styles shown below, like our Sandy's 4 Medium Wall on Amalfi Mustache or Sandy's 6 Large Wall with Scroll, are examples of unique variations expanding from a
classic original design.

Sandy's 4 Medium Wall

Pilaster lighting adds a beautiful decorative element to your outdoor space. Here we added a unique stepped base detail for a twist on a classic Pilaster design. 

Sandy's 4 Medium Pilaster with Stepped Base

Sandy's 4 Medium Wall with Amalfi Mustache

With a variety of arm options available, it's easy to create the look that best compliments your property. Our Barbara's Arm features a beautiful delicate curved detail, adding a nice contrast to the stonework on the exterior of the home below.

Sandy's 6 Large Wall on Barbara's Medium Arm
*Shown with Optional Gas Illumination

Make a statement with your outdoor lighting. Our Optional Gas Illumination provides a warm, inviting and sophisticated look to your home.

Sandy's 6 Large Wall with Scroll
* Shown with Optional Gas Illumination

Sandy's 4 Medium Wall with Bloom Scroll 
Sandy's 4 Medium Wall on Appleton Arm

Sandy's 6 Medium Wall with Scroll
*Shown with Optional Gas Illumination

Sandy's 6 Medium Wall 

Sandy's 6 Small Pendant

Sandy's 4 Small Flush


When you are looking for luxury lighting manufacturers, you can depend on Lantern Masters every time to assist you in selecting the architecturally perfect fixture. Their expansive portfolio includes exterior lanterns, available in every type of fixture application and interior chandeliers, pendants and sconces. Schedule a design consultation with their talented team members by calling at (818) 706-1990 or email for additional information.


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