3 Steps to Custom Lighting Fixtures for Your Property

 When you are looking for helpful information and design inspiration for your upcoming decorative lighting projects turn to the professional team at Lanterns Masters to take on your upcoming project. They will light up your residential estate as well as commercial projects including hotels, shopping malls, restaurants and theme parks. LM is well known for architecturally fine, and appropriate, interior and exterior lighting.

Schedule Consultation with Our Team
The first step is to schedule a consultation with our designers to discuss your lighting requirements, vision, taste and preferences, and budget.  You can select from their design studio’s extensive portfolio of architectural lighting fixtures and even modify them, or commission an entirely original design.  

Build a Custom Creation
Following your approval their team will move to the design and fabrication process to create something special for your project, keeping you up to date on the duration of the build along with the estimated completion time, so you can prepare accordingly.

When you are looking for luxury lighting manufacturers, you can depend on Lantern Masters every time. From exterior lanterns to interior chandeliers, pendants and sconces schedule a design consultation with our talented team members by calling at (818) 706-1990 or email info@lanternmasters.com  for additional information.


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